Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pop Quiz: Cinco for Cinco

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How did you do?

If you scored
0 or 1 questions correct
Drink more tequila. It might help.

2 points
You watch too many movies. Apocalypto, 2012, Night of the Living Dead. Just watch out for the blood red tequila.

3-4 points
Muy bien. Have a margarita.

5 points
You are clearly an expert in Mexican history and culture, which means that next year, you are in charge of throwing the Fiesta.

(Note: Don’t let my bad sense of humor fool you. I’m actually quite fascinated and respectful of prehistoric MesoAmerica. And I would fully expect any self-respecting Mayan who were to time-travel to the present day to find plenty of things to poke fun of us about)

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