Monday, May 9, 2011

Make Ahead Buttery Waffles

Crispy, buttery waffles are well worth the time to prepare. Fresh waffles are a Saturday morning breakfast in our house, but even on a weekend, they can be time consuming. With a waffle iron that kicks out four at a time, I spend half an hour or more waiting on waffles to bake (a vast improvement over the 2-waffle iron I had used previously).

My basic waffle recipe (use 1 stick melted butter instead of the cooking oil to make them even tastier) makes about 16 4x5 inch waffles, way more than we can eat in one sitting.

I cool the leftovers on a wire rack (so they don't get soggy), and then put them in zip-top bags and freeze.  The kids pop them straight from the freezer into the toaster for quick school-day breakfasts.They are far tastier and much much cheaper than the store-bought kind (hello, $3 for 8 waffles? I think homemade comes to under $1 and I don't add unusual preservatives or artificial ingredients).

If you have noticed the blond cutie in the photo over on the right, that would be my new hire here at Year of the Pancake. His job duties include whisking, heckling, sampling, and of course, he's the official blog photographer.

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AnickH said...

this waffle recipe is fabulous and i use butter instaed of oil too. makes it much tastier